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"Rob Anders
Calgary West
Rating: F
The new leader has wisely put a tight muzzle on second-term Anders, 30, keeping him far removed from the limelight as backup defence critic. Anders is considered an oddity even among his own MPs, prone to taking hard-right social stands in caucus which his party strives to keep from surfacing in the Commons. His conduct as the lone objector in denying unanimous parliamentary consent to give Nelson Mandela an honorary Canadian citizenship was runner-up in political buffoonery only to his refusal to take the phone when the former South African president called to discuss Anders' concerns.
His upscale west-end constituents call me periodically to lament their embarrassingly unique representation in the capital. With good reason."
"How do our MPs rate?" Don Martin, The Calgary Herald. July 14, 2002. p. A9

Welcome to www.voteoutanders.com, the site dedicated to raising awareness about Rob Anders, the Member of Parliament for Calgary West.

Our mission statement is simple: Rob Anders has had eight years to prove himself to the constituents of Calgary West. In that time, all he's proven is that he should consider another line of work; our job is to help him quit his day job.

Last time around, Anders' campaign slogan told us to "Demand Better!", so we did. This time, we're supposed to "Stand Up For Canada!", despite the fact he's been lying down on the job. So we hope he understands when we tell him that that's why we've set up this website.

Play the Anders Awareness Quiz to discover how well you know what the MP stands for.

Take a look at the highlights of his career.

Download Vote Out Anders! desktop pictures, print off signs, and tell your friends.

And above all, on May 2nd, vote him out of the House of Commons.

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